"Stranding" Together

By Meredith Hicks | Thursday July 27, 2017

New this year is the addition of “strands” — clusters of sessions on similar topics. We think this addition to the agenda will help attendees more easily identify sessions related to their interests. We’ve heard from past Forum attendees that this type of system would help them navigate the breadth of sessions offered, making it easier to hone in on specific topics they may wish to learn more about.

The topics identified for the strands were selected by PAEA's Conference Council and chosen because they either represent some of the most critical areas in PA education or are highly relevant to PA educators’ professional development. This year’s strands are:

  • 21st Century Teaching & Learning
  • Clinical Education
  • Effective Leadership
  • Faculty Recruitment & Development
  • Program Evaluation Improvement & Accreditation
  • Student Assessment & Remediation
  • Student Recruitment & Admissions

As you flip through the agenda, keep an eye out for sessions that have been flagged as belonging to a strand. Keep in mind that while not every session falls into one of these categories, each strand should have sessions offered across all three days.

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